Chalkboard Refrigerator

While watching Good Luck Charlie with my kids, I saw they had a chalkboard refrigerator. I instantly  loved the idea and wanted one of my own.

Here is what my refrigerator looked like before:

Here is what is looks like now:

It was a time consuming project but I love it!!  First we applied 3 thin coats of Rust-Oleum Magnetic Primer. We waited 4 hours after the last coat of primer, to apply 2 coats Rust-Oleum Chalk Board paint in black. (for the most part, we followed the instructions on the box) We also spray-painted the door handles a pearl white.

Then I waited 2 days before I “conditioned” it:


Old Side Table, New Look.

I have an old Ikea side table and didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. I decide to give it a fresh look so it could fit in with my Living Room Decor.

First I select the pattern I wanted to use, I cut it out and traced the pattern on the table.

After that was all done. I painted it with a small paint brush and sealed it with a High gloss spray paint.

Fresh New Look